Smeg Dolce Stil Novo

Dolce Stil Novo is Smeg’s most advanced built-in collection to date. Inspired by beauty and nature, it takes its name from the hallmark of Dolce Stil Novo, Italy’s 13th-century literary movement. This innovative collection is the creation of something completely new for Smeg.

Why Dolce Stil Novo From Smeg

The comprehensive range offers exclusive, beautiful and truly unique aesthetics. Partnered with leading technology and superior quality, these are the must-have built-in appliances for the modern and contemporary home. The complete collection is made up of 60cm and 45cm ovens, a blast chiller, multi-functional drawers, gas, hobs, hoods, wine cellars and coffee machines, all of which sit beautifully alongside each other or as a standalone statement.

Dolce Stil Novo appliances can be identified by the materials used, all of which are of the highest quality. Even the smallest details have been refined to perfection. Copper or stainless steel trims highlight the clean and modern lines, while black glass allows seamlessly reflects light, as designed by award winning architect Guido Canali.

Smeg Dolce Stil Novo ovens

Smegs Dolce Stil Novo ovens are among the most unique appliances Smeg has ever made and feature an ingenious, automatically retractable handle made from a fine band of glass. A simple touch extends the handle bringing the oven to life, but sits beautifully flush to the oven when not in use. This wholly original design, appearing on range-topping models, is a first for the market and is on trend with maintaining uninterrupted lines in the kitchen. Precision craftsmanship continues throughout the collection of 60cm pyrolytic, multifunction and 45cm compact and steam models, with refined stainless steel or copper detailing aligned to the uninterrupted surface and providing a subtle burst of colour against the monochrome eclipse glass. Other intelligent details include full-colour touchscreen displays for simplicity of use, a soft-close door mechanism, and Eclipse glass that appears opaque and mirrored when the oven is off, but turns transparent and comes to life when switched on, offering exceptional visibility when cooking.

Dolce Stil Novo Hobs 

Dolce Stil Novo’s hobs are a showcase of the brand’s creative soul and a never-before-seen
emotive expression in domestic appliances. Each one is considered a work of art, transforming
the practical into something truly beautiful, but not at the expense of comprehensive
Polished, premium stainless steel hobs include radical new flat ‘blade’ gas burners, patented and
exclusive to the brand, that deliver a continuous ring of vertical flame upwards to guarantee
maximum heat transfer, reduce heat dispersion and increase efficiency by 20%.
Each ‘blade’ component has been coated in a special premium titanium coating for longevity,
hob sizes range from 60cm to 100cm and are available in four to six burner layouts.
The collection also comprises cutting edge induction models are based on a black to light
contrast design with slider touch controls and featuring an elegant white LED display. Smart pan
detection ensures cookware is heated effectively wherever it’s placed and include enhanced
functions for slow melting, maintaining temperature, and for controlling sauces and soups when
boiling. Induction hob sizes range from 38cm to 90cm.

The Creation Of Something Completely New.

Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Coffee Machines

The new built-in coffee machine features a new ‘cappuccinator’ consists of a built-in jug that precision mixes milk with coffee for immediate serving. Touchscreen white LED controls allow you to personalise drink choices by strength, grinding and roasting.

Dolce Stil Novo Extraction 

A remote controlled recessed downdraft extractor or tilted hood version, both with white LED touch controls, are available to coordinate a sleek, contemporary look.

Find Out More About The Smeg Dolce Stil Novo Range

Dolce Stil Novo is Smeg’s most advanced built-in collection to date. Inspired by beauty and nature, The Discount appliance centre is a trusted Smeg Partner with outstanding training on all of the smeg range including the premium Dolce Stil Novo selection