Samsung Appliances

Samsung have a vision in leading innovations in technology, products and solutions that inspire communities around the world. They have developed appliances that not only look great in any kitchen but are also highly developed in new technological ideas.

Samsung Refrigeration 

Samsung designed refrigerators are beautifully practical and seamlessly stylish. The cooling feature enables your food to keep at its best keeping it fresher for longer. The fit of each appliance looks perfect against other appliances in your kitchen and the appliance fit’s adjacent against your units. The specially designed hinges enable the door to open wide without causing any impinging on your kitchen units, also the drawers can be pulled out fully. To finish the looks of the refrigeration units, the brushed-metal look is stylish, and sophisticated making your kitchen look dazzling.


Samsung Family Hub Is Pure Innovation 

Samsung have developed the new outstanding Family Hub American Style Refrigerator that can tell you what you have in your appliance. This amazing new technology is the beginning of the future for appliances. The Wi-fi enabled touchscreen can track the products and their sell by dates so you know when you need to buy fresh items and what you have in your refrigerator so you don’t buy extras saving on costs. The refrigerator touchscreen can also be seen on your mobile via their app. Perfect for when you are out shopping in the supermarket.


Along with the touchscreen technology, they have developed the Revolutionary Triple Cooling™ system which optimises the temperature, humidity and prevents odours transferring between compartments. Along with water cooling, and extra spaces their refrigeration is top technology for your kitchen.

Samsung Laundry

Samsung are the first to come up with the convenient Addwash. The large front porthole of the door has an extra compartment that you can add your leftover garments to even after the washer has begun, so no leftover washing for the next load to go in. Nothing worse, than knowing you have finished your wash to find that leftover sock! It is also perfect if you don't want that special garment to have the full wash just the final rinse.

They have also developed the ecobubble™ technology that mixes the detergent with air and water. It produces bubbles that work through the fabrics removing all dirt up to 40x faster, which saves on energy costs up to 70%. Innovative technology.

Washers and dryers fit together with style and durability the perfect combination look in any laundry room and kitchen.

Samsung Cooking

A touch of class with Samsung Cooking. They use Vapour Technology in their ovens that ensure moisture and heat get to your dishes and provides succulent golden food every time.

Their hobs all have Virtual Flame Technology so you know how hot each ring is with LED lighting that glows as soon as it is turned on. A more precise way of cooking.


The hoods have a high suction power at low-level noise so all smells, steam, and smoke are instantly cleared from your kitchen.


All in all the cooking appliances form a family in your kitchen making sure all your needs are covered when cooking that evening meal for your family to enjoy.

Samsung Dishwashers

The Revolutionary WaterWall™ technology is a new way for dishwashers with the powerful wall of water that leaves your dishes sparkly clean with every wash. The zone booster’s target the highly soiled items with an intense wash at the push of a button. It can target the right or the left side depending on which you want with a high water pressure and heat. Each dishwasher has 5 programmes to choose from and a flextray for your cutlery that is versatile and transportable for easy unloading. Spotless dishes every time.

Samsung are one of the brands that are at the top of their game with new innovations and technologies. Samsung is a brand to trust.