Rangemaster Range Cookers

Still Handmade In The UK

rangemaster logoRangemaster are the market leaders in range cookers. This is from the distinctive design of the Elan to the contemporary styling of the Elite, Rangemaster design with style and functionality in mind. They started their story in 1830 with an original Kitchener designed by the Flavel family in Leamington Spa. They became the civic leaders in the town providing employment for local people and due to this they became a major employer for the town. Flavel manufactured the Kitchener out of cast iron and heated by solid fuel, it could boil, roast, bake and warm all from the same heat source. Pioneering the future of range cookers.

The Kitchener can be seen in the entrance of the Royal Leamington Spa factory. Since then Rangemaster have improved with every new model they have created in style and practicality. They can be found in every type of kitchen with every type of person using them whether they are professionals or beginners.

In 2015 they built their one millionth gold plated rangecooker the Nexus 90. This is also in pride of place at the Leamington Spa factory, never to be sold but to be admired for all to see…..

Professional Deluxe

Take your cooking to a new level with the contemporary-styled Rangemaster Professional Deluxe, which comes as 110cm, 100cm and 90cm sizes in Stainless Steel, Gloss Black, Cream, White or Cranberry and induction or dual fuel.

Enhanced features

Rapid Response feature preheats the oven 30% faster than a fan oven. You can cook your food instantly making fast paced life that little bit easier. The Professional Deluxe is a multifunction oven and fan oven. It has a built in Handyrack that is attached to the oven door- an innovative grilling tray that enables easier access to your roasts. Programmable oven and a large storage draw (110cm only) perfect appliance to cover all your cooking needs.

Flexible hob solutions

The flexible hob can be Dual fuel, Induction or Ceramic whatever your choice maybe. The dual fuel option comes with cast iron supports, multi-ring burner, wok cradle, single handed ignition, griddle (100cm & 90cm) and multi-zone with griddle (110cm). The induction and ceramic include hot hob indicators for added safety. All Professional Deluxe models come with dual circuit glide-out-grill on smooth action telescopic runners. The grill has a stop mechanism so it does not pull out too far so you can safely check on your meal.

Healthy cooking

For your healthy cooking the griddle plate is the perfect accessory. It sits safely on top of the gas hob and heats quickly. It is a grooved plate so all the fat from your food whether it is salmon, bacon, steaks will drain away leaving healthy food for you to enjoy.

Rangemaster Nexus

The Nexus is a contemporary style cooker that delivers high performance and sleek design. The one millionth model was a Nexus 90cm, it prides itself on a range of new features which makes it unique in the Rangemaster Range.

Rotary Controls

The controls are distinctive ultra modern and rotary style, which are made from diamond turned aluminium for durability. They are more of an ergonomic feel but also provide a superb rubberised ‘o ring’ design.

Deluxe Hotplate

The deluxe multi-zoned hotplate is now available on the new Nexus range, boasting robust sit-on semi-gloss finished cast iron pan supports ideal for flexible cooking. It also enhances the streamlined look, creating a luxurious finish to this statement appliance.

New and Improved Grill

The Nexus grill has been improved by making it a deeper pan design, offering more cooking flexibility and capacity. It also has a four-way trivet for four grilling depth options to suit your type of dish.

Bread Proving Drawer

The large 110cm includes a storage drawer- unique to the range cooker market. It is a controlled, warm environment, operated by a simple switch, it also has slots in the base of the draw that allows warm air to circulate creating a perfect warm air flow for proving dough perfectly.

Rangemaster Classic Range Cooker

When you want the classic range cooker look, our Rangemaster Classic model is the perfect choice and comes in three sizes – 110cm, 100cm and 90cm.

Traditional styling

This is named Classic for a reason, its style is traditional with the bevelled doors, arched windows, handy towel rail and a choice of colours – Cranberry, Gloss Black or Cream all with chrome trim. A lovely looking cooker to make a special feature in your kitchen.

Packed with traditional features

All the models come with a Handyrack which is attached to the door, the rack holds the roasting tray which can be easily removed, which is similar to Rangemaster's Handygrill this can also be removed for easy cleaning and access. The storage drawer can be used for your pans and oven trays as well as used as a temperature controlled area to start or finish a dish. Also all ovens are A rated.

Fuels to suit everyone

There’s a choice of gas, dual fuel and electric (ceramic and induction) with gas ovens, grills and hobs, tall electric fan ovens, conventional oven and dual circuit grill, as well as multi-ring burners, warming zone and griddle.

7 Wonders of Rangemaster

Whichever model you choose, you’ll benefit from Rangemaster’s exceptional build quality and attention to detail. Each cooker has a Tri-tonne™ frame, Multi-glaze™ oven door, EasyCook™ controls, Cookmax XL™ ovens, Spill-guard™ hotplates and Endurance™ finish, every cooker is checked and tested prior to delivery.

Rangemaster Classic Deluxe Range Cookers

This the most popular of the ranges, its super-sleek classic look makes it a feature of any kitchen. It comes with added features and is available in a wide range of sizes and fuels.

Sizes to suit every scheme

No matter how small or large your kitchen, there’s a Classic Deluxe cooker to suit with 90cm, 100cm and 110cm widths to choose from. There’s also a distinctive colour palette with five shades to complement or contrast your kitchen cabinets. Take your pick from the more traditional Cranberry, Gloss Black or Cream or make a statement with Olive Green or Royal Pearl also Regal Blue or Racing Green. The choice is yours!

Choice of fuels

Dual fuel is the most popular option, as you get the gas hob and the electric oven which is flexible and even heat distribution throughout. If there is not a gas supply all the dual fuel range cookers can be converted to LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). If your choice is electric throughout you can opt for the ceramic hob and electric oven which is easy to clean and maintain to a new look every time. It also has fast heat up elements and the temperature can be controlled throughout your cooking time. As well as the ceramic there is the Induction hob, it is incredibly energy efficient and boasts a wealth of safety features, which is perfect for families.

Added features

Classic Deluxe also offers Rapid Response for faster heat-up times, so no need to pre-heat, Handyrack, bread proving drawer (110cm), programmable oven, wok cradle, griddle (100cm and 90cm only) and multi-ring burner depending on fuel type chosen. A much quicker way to cook your food, giving you more time to yourself.


Introducing a style statement

This range is the Stylish of the Range cookers, with its selection of colours - Slate, Stainless Steel, Gloss Black, Cranberry and not forgetting the Brilliant White, it will make any kitchen look professional and freshly modern. It comes in 90cm, 100cm and the 110cm width and choose from dual fuel or induction. To complete the look of this range cooker there is a coordinating hood with excellent extraction and low noise levels.


The Hi-Lite is the first of the Rangemaster range to have an illuminated fascia, to create a subtle romantic lighting, perfect for your evening meal. It uses LED lights that are long lasting and low in energy efficient costs. The lighting can be turned on or off at the touch of a button. It gives the Hi-Lite a luxurious design feature for your kitchen.

The ultimate cooking companion for contemporary and classic kitchens, the Hi-LITE has a clean, crisp finish that delivers on performance as well as design. It comes with a single-piece hotplate for a seamless surface and increased pan space. Dual fuel models boast robust inset gloss finished cast iron pan supports, other benefits include a handy warming zone (on the 110), large viewing window and sit-on griddle.

Rangemaster Elan Range Cooker

For a distinctly traditional range cooker, the Rangemaster Elan boasts classically styled details such as elegant spiral handles, carefully crafted controls and curvaceous doors. In a choice of five colours – Cranberry, Gloss Black, Olive Green, Cream and Royal Pearl – with chrome trim, there’s something to suit every scheme and kitchen design.

Size and fuel choices

There are two widths to choose from – 110cm and 90cm – as well as dual fuel, ceramic and induction, your choice depending on your kitchen environment.

Cook’s essentials

With the Elan, you’ll also get Rangemaster’s flexible fan oven, which draws air from the interior of the oven then heats it up and forces it back down into the cavity for even distribution and uniform cooking on every level.

Added benefits

The dual circuit glide-out grill, Handyrack and storage drawer are all designed to make your life easier, while cast iron pan supports, multi-ring burner, wok cradle and griddle on the dual fuel models will bring a professional touch to your kitchen and offer you the flexibility to experiment with new dishes and flavours.

7 Wonders of Rangemaster

Whichever model you choose, you’ll benefit from Rangemaster’s exceptional build quality and attention to detail. Each cooker has a Tri-tonne™ frame, Multi-glaze™ oven door, EasyCook™ controls, Cookmax XL™ ovens, Spill-guard™ hotplates and Endurance™ finish, every cooker is checked and tested prior to delivery.

Rangemaster Elise Range Cookers

The Elise is so influential that it was awarded the Best Kitchen & Household product in 2013 and will provide a touch of of French-inspired flair into your home. Taking its lead from the finest European gourmet chefs, the Rangemaster Elise offers a truly professional performance with the high-spec looks to match.

Vibrant colour palette

Whether you require a 110cm, 100cm or 90cm width model, they all come in seven distinctive colours – from the more traditional Gloss Black, White, Slate or Stainless Steel to the bold Cherry Red and the understated Cream or China Blue. Make a statement centrepiece with the colour you choose making family and friends envy of your stylish kitchen.

Flexible oven cooking

All models feature the Rangemaster multifunction oven – every cook’s dream with seven functions to cope with every dish, you can crisp your pizzas or keep your roasts juicy, each function can cope with what your meal needs. Nothing is too challenging for the Elise.

Added benefits

All Elise cookers offer a fan oven, Handyrack, storage drawer for baking trays (110cm) and dual circuit glide-out grill and are A rated for energy efficiency to keep running costs low. Dual fuel models also come with professional-style cast iron pan supports, multi-ring burner, wok cradle for Asian inspired cooking and single-handed ignition for ease of use. The electric hob includes hot hob inductors for added safety – ideal for families with young children.

The Rangemaster Excel Range Cooker

This Rangemaster model is perfect for home cooks and newly professional cooks as it covers all you need to try those new ideas. It comes with two large capacity ovens, a separate grill and a slow cooker.

Triple oven cooking

The  Rangemaster Excel  gives you triple oven cooking, so no more waiting due to multiple methods of cooking. This is only available in one size width of 110cm, there are five colours to choose from – Stainless Steel or Silver for a professional kitchen look, Ivory for a classic statement design or Gloss Black or Cranberry for a more modern touch. You can also choose from dual-fuel, induction and ceramic fuel, choice is yours.

Versatile extras

As well as three ovens, the Excel also offers a Handyrack, Rapid Response, dual circuit glide-out grill and a variety of gas hob essentials such as multi-ring burner, wok cradle and cast iron pan supports. The dual-fuel model has a Multi-Zone with griddle at the side of the cast iron hob. The griddle is a durable non-stick plate that can be placed over the ceramic zone. Great for your healthy cooking without the needs of fats or oils.

The Rangemaster Professional Range Cooker 

When you’re looking for professional results every time, this is the ultimate in home range cooking. Our Professional collection includes the Professional + in three sizes and four colours, the Professional+ 100 FX in one size and four colours and the Professional+ FX/FXP in two sizes and four colours.


Choose from 110cm, 100cm or 90cm widths in traditional colours of Stainless Steel, Gloss Black, Cranberry or Cream, all with chrome trim, and dual fuel, induction, ceramic (100cm and 90cm) or gas (110cm and 90cm). All models come with a programmable oven, which gives you the option to start and finish cooking a dish while you’re out, for total freedom and flexibility. You’ll also benefit from our Handyrack and storage drawer (110cm).

Professional+ 100 FX

Make a style statement with the sleek drop-down doors and get plenty of cooking capacity with two spacious multifunction ovens. In a 100cm width, this dual fuel design comes in Stainless Steel, Gloss Black, Cream or Cranberry, all with chrome trim. As well as an impressive total cooking cavity of 126 litres, the Professional+ 100 FX comes with multi-ring burner and wok cradle for high-heat Asian style dishes.

Professional+ FX/FXP

The FX/FXP 90cm width model is uniquely constructed with the Energy Saving panel (ESP). The oven has a huge capacity perfect for big family events but if you don’t need so much room you can place a panel down the centre of the oven, enabling the oven to heat one area, saving on energy costs. The oven has a storage draw so you can store the panel, and shelves when not in use. The FXP model incorporates a Pyrolytic self-cleaning function, so no more scrubbing the oven letting you have more time with your family and friends. In Stainless Steel, Gloss Black, Cream, Silver (FX dual fuel only) or Cranberry, there’s a colour for every kitchen style.

Rangemaster Toledo Range Cookers

Easy to use and sophisticated in its design, the Toledo offers so many options to suit your cooking style. In a choice of 110cm or 90cm widths and a Stainless Steel or Gloss Black, take your pick from gas, ceramic, induction or dual fuel. The 110cm dual fuel also features a handy Warming Zone.

Induction cooking

Now more popular than ever, induction hobs are so energy efficient, fast, responsive and incredibly controllable. It’s also an extremely safe option, as it’s the pan that heats up and not the hob – ideal for families with young children. Rangemaster induction tops also come with a range of safety features for extra peace of mind.

Key features

All Toledo range cookers come with a Handyrack, storage drawer (110cm) and programmable oven, with an A rating for energy efficiency. It has the Rangemaster New Catch-rite™ door fixture - this has been thoroughly tested and has a lifespan of over 50 years due to its superior mechanism. The Toledo has a hard-wearing hob, contemporary handles and ergonomically designed control knobs, the Toledo range offers an imposing yet stylish look. Will look great in any style kitchen whether classic or professional!


Our gas models feature two gas ovens (110cm), one gas and one tall electric fan oven (90cm) and a gas grill.

Dual fuel and electric

For a fully flexible cooking solution, the dual fuel and electric cookers come with conventional oven, fan oven and dual circuit grill.

Each and Every Rangemaster Cooker Is Thoroughly Tested before it gets to you

Lets have a look at the testing process

Developing To British Standards

The development of a Rangemaster cooker starts from the basis that the most important function of the appliance is to cook food in an efficient and safe manner. Rangemaster follow the British and European Standard BS EN 50304:2009 and BS EN 60350:2009 as well as the appropriate safety standards when developing their range of cookers.

Small Cake Test

Rangemaster know that actual cooking in the oven is vital during its development.  They use small cakes to determine the heat distribution in electric ovens.  These cakes are always made from the same ingredients and 28g of the raw cake mixture is weighed into each greaseproof paper cake case.  Even the size and grade of paper of these cases is laid down in the standard.  After cooking, the tops and bases of the cakes are examined to note any differences in browning.  If the cakes are not evenly browned, they will go back to the development engineers who will make some changes to the oven cavity to remedy any unevenness and then test cooking is done again to verify the changes.

Cooking Temperatures

As well as small cakes, they use scones and fruit cake which cover 3 different cooking temperatures - cool (fruit cake), medium heat, (small cakes) and scones (high temperature). Apple pies are used to check if the oven can cope with a heavy load.  Once again the colour of the base and top is checked and that the filling is cooked.

Christmas Dinner Test

As Rangemaster manufacture one of the largest oven cavities available, which is great for family cooking, they also cook a full meal in the oven and check it is large enough for your 11.3kg (25lb) Christmas turkey.

The Hob

The hob, being a vital part of cooker is also subjected to testing.  Can the burners be turned right down without the flame going out?  Of course!  Are the zones on an induction hob as responsive as they should be? Yes! The griddles provided with your Rangemaster are thoroughly tested to see if the coating is non-stick during cooking and cleaning and the triple ring burners and wok cradle are checked out using our Rangemaster non-stick wok.

The Grill

When it comes to grills, they test with toast to calculate the percentage browned in relation to the size of the grilling area and the time taken to do this.   Beefburgers are also cooked to see the uniformity of cooking and browning.