Neff Ovens, Neff Hobs Extracton and Refrigeration

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Neff Ovens

Neff Ovens designed to inspire the secret chef in all of us. The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where we not only cook, we gather we socialise. If the kitchen is the heart of the home then a Neff oven is the beating heart of the kitchen.

Neff Slide&Hide®

Neff Slide and Hide ovens with a door that tucks away under the oven and looks stunning. Giving the ultimate in easy access to your culinary creations. This space saving feature is very popular and is one of the most sort after features  

Neff Pyrolytic Self Cleaning Ovens

Spend time cooking, not cleaning with high-temperature pyrolytic cleaning. Once the pyrolytic setting is activated, temperatures of up to 485°C turn roasting and grilling spatter to ash. All that’s left to do is simply wipe away the residue once the oven has cooled.

EcoClean® and BaseClean cleaning

EcoClean® and BaseClean cleaning methods provide low-energy cleaning of the oven interior. EcoClean® uses a microfine, highly absorbent, ceramic bead coating on the roof, back and sides. BaseClean deals with the base of the oven, requiring just a little warm water to help lift burnt-on food.
An environmentally friendly option for quick cleaning in between.

Neff Hobs

Neff Hobs

Choosing a Neff Hob


If you want to see exactly the amount of heat that gets to the pan, gas hobs allow a visual cue to see exactly how much heat is being transferred. Very popular with traditionalist chefs, gas offers controllable and clean cooking. With the larger gas hobs in the Neff range offering the ability to use works and larger specialist cookware.


If sleek, stylish clean lines are more in keeping with your kitchen design, our ceramic hobs provide a flush cooking surface for minimalist spaces.


For sociable cooks who often find themselves juggling multiple pans, a FlexInduction hob provides any pan, anywhere cooking within the zones. With the option to purchase the FlexInduction griddle pan, steamer and Teppan Yaki plate from the discount appliance centre, there’s lot of ways to get creative with your zones too.


If you really can’t choose just one single option, our Domino range allows you to mix and match gas, Quick-Light, FlexInduction and Teppan Yaki hobs for a truly bespoke cook top.

Neff Extraction Hoods

The air quality in the kitchen can be affected by many factors including humidity, grease particles, smells, smoke and waste heat, so it is a good idea to make sure that ‘used’ air is regularly cleaned and/or replaced.

Installing a NEFF extractor hood will actively ventilate your kitchen, keeping the air fresh and clean whatever the weather or size and shape of the room. Providing good ventilation is obviously a priority but as a
hood often becomes a focal point to the room, the style and finish is equally important.

Remove up to 96% of odours with the Neff CleanAir filter for recirculation mode compare this with standard recirculating filters that remove only up to 70% of kitchen smells.


Neff Cooker Hoods

Neff Built-In Refrigeration

Neff are Leading the way in food storage this ensures  the freshest and tastiest food
Neff is constantly working to improve their range of fridges and freezers so there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a large American style fridge freezer that can cope with a large family or an under counter fridge Neff has you covered. Add to this that all Neff refrigeration appliances have at least an A+ energy rating.

Side By Side Single Door Fridges & Freezers

Our single door fridges and freezers are designed to sit parallel to one another. By placing a left-hinged fridge and a right-hinged freezer (or vice versa) side by side you can easily browse fresh and frozen ingredients before getting creative in the kitchen.

Built Under Fridge And Freezers

Our integrated fridge with a four-star freezer compartments fit neatly under the work surface

Food Wastage

We are all well aware of the benefits of including fresh ingredients in our cooking. To help families enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. Neff has made food preservation technologies paramount in their design process. You can depend on Neff's reliable cooling appliances to perfectly store and preserve your fresh food.

We throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year*.Neff are committed to helping to reduce wastage and effectively manage your grocery costs.